Repairs & Claims

If you are experiencing any problems with your garment, please contact the retailer where you bought the garment. They will contact us if needed.

IMPORTANT! Products sent back must be fresh and clean. We or our retailers do not handle dirty or un-fresh products for hygienic reasons and out of respect to our seamstresses who work with complaints.

- Stains that occur after use are not grounds for complaint.
- Products that are worn out, regardless of age, are not considered a complaint or warranty issue. Products with normal "wear and tear" are not replaced, but we can recommend our repair-kit, which contains a pair of elbow patches and some yarn, that you can use to strengthen or repair the worn areas of the garment.

- Moth holes are not grounds for approved complaint. However, we are happy to help you by sending matching yarn to repair your garment.
Såhär ser ett klassiskt malhål ut, det saknas material.

- Pilling occurs naturally on wool garments as wool fibers are soft and porous. Especially on areas that are exposed to friction, such as on the sides of the garment where arms wings and rubs, pilling can easily occur. Pilling do not have to mean poor quality. The wool that comes out by friction is excess wool and you can effectively remove them with an electric pile remover or if you prefer to pick them by hand.

-Incorrect washing. Follow the care instructions in side seam carefully! Most of our garments are machine washable in 30 degrees WOOL WASH. Be very careful as washing in wrong program will cause shrinkage. Claims caused by incorrect washing is not replaced by us.

Above is a typical case of a garment that has been washed incorrectly. You can see how the knitted material is felted together and therefore the garment shrunk. The zippers are however not affected, but due to the material they are getting that "wave" effect. - CLAIMS FROM OUR WEBSHOP

Please contact our staff at for professional help.

Our routins when garment is bought in our shop in Gällstad or via our webshop can be found here.


Wool is a fantastic material when it comes to comfortability and function, but is also a weak and fragile fiber. With intense use, especially on certain exposed areas like the elbows, the garment can become worn and needs to be reinfored.

Our repair kit contains two elbow patches and wool yarn for menging and repairing. With this you can easily repair and extend the life of your garment. You will soon be able to order this via our webshop, but until then pls contact us at

You are of course always welcome to discuss your garments, your problems or get advice from us, as our goal is to maximize the life of your beloved wool garment in order to give you as many years of enjoyable use as possible.

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