Geschichte Ivanhoebutiken

Ivanhoebutiken - our general store where you can find the complete collection and all our items, from socks to windbreaker jackets. Besides the seasonal collection you'll  also find garments from previous collections as well as samples and unique productions only for our own store.

The shop has been around since 1976 and the reasons that is was opened was to get a more structured way of handling the locals who wanted to buy our garments as well as sell left over and secondary from the production. In the beginning openings hours were Thursdays 16.00-19.00, the same day as the bank in the village was open.

At that time there were alot of producing textile companies in our little village Gällstad, and they all followed and opened up little shops. The word spread and soon it was a well known destination and buses from all over came to Gällstad.

In 1999 we opened up the shop as we know it today and opening hours were extended and we are since then opened every day of the week.

Just 300m from our shop you'll find the Ivanhoe head office and the own production that has been up and running since 1946.